Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lago de Charles?

To say that I miss Spanishland is an understatement. But, I know that this is where Heavenly Father for a "wise purpose" needs me to be, at this place, at this time. I don't want you all to think I'm depressed about it, because that's not it at ALL. I still feel like the missions luckiest Hna for being sent to the highly coveted area of Lake Charles. 

Yesterday before church started I spoke with Bro. Ortiz. Brother Ortiz is the most inspiring man I have met here in Lake Charles. He loves the Lord, and he loves his fellowmen, and that love is reflected in everything he does. Brother Ortiz was baptized in Mexico close to ten years ago and then eight days later came to the United States. Since then he has attended church in the sole ward here in Lake Charles. Brother Ortiz doesn't speak hardly any English, and can't really understand it either, but he attends without fail because of his belief in the restored gospel. 

I sat with Bro. Ortiz during sacrament meeting, and felt prompted to ask him if we wouldn't mind my translating for him. He said, "I would like that very much!" And so I did. I am by no means the world's best translator, especially when speakers use quotes from general authorities with highly educated English vocabulary, but I can get the message across. It was such a small and simple thing, but I felt so blessed to my father in Heaven that I could help in a small way.

Brother Ortiz brings all his Spanish materials to church and in his himnario he has a sheet taped with all the English hymns and their Spanish counterparts, and so we sang together--In Spanish. We came to learn that Bro Ortiz's father lives with him, and that in the past he had investigated the church, but it was kind of difficult because the missionaries didn't speak Spanish. As fate (or Heavenly Father) would have, one of my companions and I do, so we set up a time when we go by and teach Bro. Ortiz's father. Bro. Ortiz also told us he is going to speak with a cousin who lives here to see if he and his family wouldn't be interested. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't he? Brother Ortiz also gave us some leads on where we could find Spanish speakers in Lake Charles.

I spoke with the Bishop after church and apparently there are headphones that I can use in the chapel to translate! My companions and I were reflecting on something, we've been trying EVERY method of finding, but nothing really has come of it. So we though, perhaps we've been praying for the wrong kind of people, maybe the Lord wants us to seek out Spanish speakers? Now, this by no means means that we're going to abandon the work with English speakers, but perhaps we've been going about things the wrong way... Solo Dios sabe.

To top off my Mexican Sunday, we had dinner with the Cliffords. Sis Clifford is actually from Mexico, she has thee cutest accent, and she made Enchiladas for dinner! Divine. This was my first Mexican meal in 4 weeks, it was a dire situation. Heavenly Father loves us, it's true. Pray for Spanish Speakers!!!!

Te Love You, 
Sis. Flores

Mexican dresses and really gross americanized-mexican food. Looks can be deceiving!
My shoes are dented in from 16 months of crossing my legs while contacting. #missionaryproblems


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