Thursday, March 27, 2014

on next chapters.

journals up to this point. The first one dates back to '96! huzzah!
hello world!!!

I have returned from the greatest journey of my life [up to this point]. I've spent the last week trying to figure out how this upgraded version of myself fits in with all the things I left behind.

Yesterday was spent dejunking my bedroom.  I mean it when I say dejunk. 
I cleared away pictures I had of old crushes, piles upon piles of my favorite teen magazines, and origami folded notes from friends dating back from the high school/middle school days. 

I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with the letters I mailed home from the mission along with the 5 boxes of old photographs that are currently just collecting dust in my closet. 

Any suggestions?

As for "adjusting," I'm trying to figure out if these little quirks I've developed are partly phases or if I've acquired them as part of my personality. 

Case in point: I have no desire to watch TV. 
I spent some time wikipedia-ing (I might have just made that a word?) the plots for some of the shows I used to watch. I kind of walked away from that experience thinking, "did I really use to watch that garbage?"
I also can't for the life of me sit still through a movie.

I am still kind of sort of a sister missionary at heart. 

The sisters in my home wards (fam & YSA) are my current bffs. I feel like I can communicate with them. I talk color-coding, area books, whitewashing, leadership, and finding. They speak my language! Or I speak there's? 
I'm kind of in denial about the fact that I'm now an "outsider." I still really crave the mission world.
I also may or may not still gravitate to a sister missionary wardrobe. Last night I ran to the mall and my eye caught a glimpse of a red-orange knee length skirt. I tried to talk myself out of buying it, but in the end, the skirt won. I bought pants too! But, my Mom did have to talk me into wearing the pants I bought and not the skirt. for shame.

I can't bring myself to get rid of the "y'all" I picked up down south. I'm trying so hard, but it just rolls off the tip of my tongue. Can everyone please just adopt this so I don't feel as awkward?

I was SUPER bummed to discover that google reader was discontinued! All of my blogs are gone. GONE. However, maybe that's a good thing? So friends, if you have a blog and we are real-life friends, will you please remind me of your URL?

In some ways I am the same, but in others I'm different. 

Evolved is a good word.
I like it.
My interests and perspective on life have shifted and things that once interested me just seem so mundane and pointless now. Dare I put the fb under this category? Probably.

I kind of see facebook for what it was created to be, not this monster that it's become.

& blogging! Dear blogging when did you become so money/materialistic oriented?
Megfee put it so perfectly here.

To those who read while I was away in Texas & Louisiana thank you for sharing that adventure with me!

& now:

What this blog is & what this blog isn't.
If we are friends outside of the viral world, the things I post are meant to be read as my letters to you! 
(hence blog title)
Also, if we hang out, pictures are posted on here. I really REALLY dislike posting pictures on the fb.


I'm not out to make money
I'm not out to gain sponsors
I don't need a lot of "followers"
& I'm not here to host giveaways

p.s. as always, let's be friends!


Li-Sha said...

hooray!! welcome back, lauren! that year and a half went by incredibly fast!

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