Saturday, August 23, 2014

24th birthday.

I could think of no better way than to celebrate my 24th birthday with:
& good nachos.
So that's exactly what we did.
^^this was the best of my cousin selfie attempts.^^
^^FYI Angels stadium has refillable popcorn which we decided tasted better than Petco Park (sorry, Padres), but no refillable soda (Petco Park wins on that front)^^
^^The nachos may have cost $15, but they are delicious and appropriately loaded with toppings. It's also a plus that the cap is deep, so you basically get your money's worth.^^
birthday presents from my parents this year. practical, & enjoyable. 
1. makeup wipes, 2. eos lip balm (Utah's dry air is brutal on the lips) 3. oil absorbing wipes 4. Nixon the Unit 40 watch (I was in need of a digital watching seeing as how I had TWO break on the mission) 5. The Book Thief (I bawled at the end of this movie, I'm hoping I can make it through the book) 6. A journal. Here's looking at you volume 16!
So, the little pad of paper in the photo before this one (the one with hearts on it) is actually a stack of $1 bills all crisp and bound together. Education quotes are conveniently interwoven in with the Washingtons (can you tell I have teachers for parents). A Pinterest creation brought to life by my mother. 


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