Monday, August 11, 2014

Petco Park.

We have this family tradition of going to San Diego around my Mom's birthday. No one knows when exactly the tradition started, or why, we just kind of all accept it. We decided to this time around throw a baseball game into the mix. Only half of us had experienced PetCo park & seeing as how we have a family goal to visit every MLB stadium, it seemed like a buen idea.
We were a fan of refillable soda and popcorn. Sure, it was a little pricey, but endless refills for a family of five, we'll take it!
My brothers got kind of really into the 7th inning stretch.
home runs call for celebration with fire works & flames. There were 3 home runs at our game.
Stadium wide sing-a-long to a scene of Top Gun? Petco Park you are too good!
 Maybe Ezra sported some Cardinal gear because it was free from my family's previous trip to St. Louis (WITHOUT ME!). Maybe he was a little mad that the Cardinals really didn't show up for the game.
He's over it now.


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