Sunday, August 3, 2014

weekend Utah trip.

This past weekend I took a super surprise-last minute-not planned trip to Utah for interviews at the MTC. My first thoughts after booking my ticket was that I wanted needed to visit with Jenny's (Sis Rogers') family. The Rogers' were kind enough to invite me over for family dinner and I met all the wonderful people I had heard so much about! I even got to meet Jenny's newest nephew before she did!
While in Provo I had a chance to grab lunch with Azteca Teresa, a good friend from my living legend's days. We shared a plate of Guru's amazing sweet potato fries. I think I may have converted Teresa to the delicious goodness.
I had to snap a picture of our little culture inspired footwear!

It's funny, I've made three trips to Utah since being home and I keep finding reasons to go back there, and in two weeks time I'll be back for good school. I kind of feel like Utah is unofficially every Latter-day Saints' home away from home though... There's always a reason to go back.


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