Monday, August 25, 2014

The St. John's.

You'll hear me say often that my companions were my absolute favorite part of my mission. I love them and the experiences I had with them above anything else (actually, my Mission President & his wife fall into that category along with Hno Pomeroy). I made a pact with myself, or goal if you will, that I wanted to visit/get in contact with the families of my companions to let them know just how amazing their sister missionaries were! (Just a couple of weeks ago, I met the Rogers)

This Sunday I had the blessing to meet the St. John's/Cables. I LOVE THEM! If you remember Hna St. John was my companion in Baytown and she had just got done with training when we got put together. As I drove to Bountiful Sunday afternoon, I put in me and Hna St. John's favorite CD and tried to make a mental note of all the great stories I could share with her family. I was so happy to be at a dinner table with them, and I know all of our thoughts were turned to Katelyn that night.

I will forever be grateful for my mission, and even more especially so for my companions.


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