Sunday, September 7, 2014

Graham canyon.

#2 Eat a box of ice cream from the creamery

Being back at BYU means I can get back down to business
and work my way through my BYU Bucketlist.
& maybe I'm kind of cheating with this one. 
Because, I really can't finish one thing of BYU creamery ice cream by myself
and definitely not in one sitting.

Although, I'm kind of missing the old design of the boxes.

I went to the creamery on 9th Friday night &
didn't realize that I was wearing a Texas shirt.
Well okay I knew I was wearing a Texas shirt,  I just forgot that it was a UT—Texas shirt as in  somehow forgetting that BYU was playing them this weekend. So, I you know just kind of showed up at the creamery in all my Texas glory.
good thing we won.

Oh & btw Graham Canyon is definitely my favorite flavor of BYU ice cream.
The description reads:
graham cracker flavored ice cream with graham swirl and honeycomb crunch.

also, the creamery has t-shirts for sale 
& I'm kind of tempted to get one...


Li-Sha said...

Lauren. Stop. As soon as I saw the picture of graham canyon on my blog feed, I knew. I have been missing that ice cream since I moved away from Utah. Best. Ice cream. Ever. Be still, my heart.

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