Friday, September 5, 2014

labor day.

I got sick the first week of law school. Can you believe it!?! I had full on runny nose, body aches, mucus filled coughs—you get the idea. I was so grateful though that I got sick over a three day weekend. I had plenty of time to recuperate and be in sweats all weekend long.

Monday at around 1:30pm I had the impression to text my Tia Maria to ask if I could come over in a couple of weeks to visit. I almost fought the prompting off with the logic that I could just text her closer to the time I wanted to visit. I ended up texting her anyway...& I'm so grateful I did!

My Tia asked if I was in town, and said, "come have carne asada with us!"

Um. You NEVER turn down an invite for carne asada and all the Mexican goodness it entails. Needless to say within the hour I was driving my happy self to visit my family. My Tia jokingly said, "today we celebrate the labor of our people here in the U.S." We may or may not have talked about Cesar Chavez and the plight of the migrant farm workers before dinner.

Also, kind of funny we all had the same idea and went and saw Cantinflas over the weekend. If you haven't seen the film, do yourself a huge favor and go! It was so wonderful, and I'm not just saying that because I'm Mexican.
^^I always feel really at home when I see this sign.^^
^^My Tia gave me my birthday present, a new Mexican blouse and a wooden spoon. Tia said the spoon was so that I could start collecting for my future Mexican kitchen. :) ^^


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