Tuesday, September 16, 2014

little surprises.

A little while ago I went to Salt Lake to take my abuela out on a "date" to get Mexican Paletas. The place I had originally wanted to go to was close so instead I walked down the strip of the Latino Mall in West Valley to get a few paletas from the market. 

Just as I was in line warning my cousins that they were this close to my not buying them an arroz con leche flavored popsicle, I noticed a guy looking my way in the background. I really couldn't tell who it was and I kind of just brushed it off till I noticed he was making his way towards my line.

Imagine my surprise when right before me stood a member from my second area from the mission! Out of all places to run in to someone! (actually, I guess a Mexican Market is a pretty good place to run into a Mexican–but in Utah!? Okay, so maybe Utah is a pretty good place to run into a Mexican Mormon, but still!!!)

I'm a big fan of the unexpected encounters Heavenly Father throws into my life every now and then. They make for such special little surprises and keep me in awe of how much planning goes into the little details of our lives.


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