Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Buenos Aires: Mis amigos son tus amigos.

Last week I got to go with my friend Julia (& her mother) to see El Lago De Los Cisnes at Teatro Colon. We didn't have the best views, but we also only paid $20 pesos (a little less than $2 dollars!). I'm not complaining. Honestly, we probably would have had a pretty good view had the people in front of us/ to the side of  us not stood up and leaned right from left trying to get a better view from their seats. In reality, I was just grateful to be there for the music! I had swan lake on repeat the next day at work.
^^breathtaking! I kept feeling like I was in some period piece film. 
I experienced my first picada! It was absolutely delicious, I was a big fan of the warm bread and fresh cheese and surprisingly the pickles too!
^^I got a new roommate last week. This is Sara, she's here on an internship from Yale. We went on a picada trying/ casa rosada visiting adventure!
The front of the Casa Rosada wasn't that pretty of a sight because of the celebrations from the 25th of May, so a side view will have to suffice. 
Um. Can we have the white house light up in red, white, and blue at night?
On Sunday, I invited Sara to come to church with me. I figured that I had made a lot of friends via the YSAs (Young Single Adults) in the ward and that I could pass those formed friendships on! Sara had only known two Mormons in her entire life and they both took piano classes with her (typical!). She was such a good sport and went to all three hours of church with me. The JAS (jovenes adultos solteros) just enveloped her with love. :)

After church, Franc and I accompanied Sara to find her internship location and then the three of us headed to the Hunter's apartment (a lovely senior couple serving here) for Linner (lunch/dinner). We had the greatest time enjoying Salmon, baked potatoes, beets, fruit salad, and for dessert a healthy helping of helado with brownies! At the end we also happened to play my favorite game in the world: Heads Up.
This pizza was brought to you by Pizzeria Güerrin and partly by Franc. So, Monday night I had big plans. I was going to get money and have my roommates meet Alyssa and Andrea. Well, turns out the money place has different hours than their website would lead you to believe and I arrived promptly at closing time. While Sara, Franc, and I were on our way to El Cuartito (my original pizza plan) I got a call from Andrea, turns out El Cuartito is CLOSED on Mondays. Seriously?!?!?!?!?! Who does that?

-__________-  ¡me mueerrroooooo!

Thankfully, Franc saved the day and said there was a really good pizza spot semi-close by to El Cuartito so we walked our happy selves over to Pizza Güerrin. 
Argentine Pizza. It just makes my mouth really happy.
I've always been really happy when I can get my friends to meet each other. I've been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people. Funniest comment of the night: Sara told me later that night on our colectivo ride home, "I'm pretty sure I've met more Mormons this weekend than I have in my entire life!" Franc agreed. I just laughed. 
I it. All of it.


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