Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I don't know if I'll get to have another summer in Provo...Not because I have concrete plans or anything, but I might go home or have an internship somewhere else ¿Que se yo? (*said with an Argentine accent. I say this ALL the time now!) Because of this I just want to adventure hard  and see all that this area of Utah has to offer this time of year. The Universe, the school newspaper, put together a centerfold with a giant map of Utah and a list of a plethora of things to do. This centerfold is now hanging up in our kitchen wall, and I'm determined to cross off as much as I can!

On Thursday I FINALLY made it to the Provo Food truck roundup. The roundup is on all year round, but it just feels like a summer thing to do, you know? The hardest part was deciding which truck to eat from. Amy, Katie, and I literally bought the same thing but at different levels of spicy! 

I went to a random charity concert at UVU with Lauren and Alyssa. We got there for the last song of the particular band we were there to see and just kind of watched from afar. Mostly, I was just really impressed by this waterfall!

Afterwards, we went to Bruges Waffles & Frites. I have been dying to go, but just had never had the chance! Lauren and I split the Machine Gun Sandwich (it was featured on Man v. Food!) and an order of frites. Also, can I just randomly pipe in and say that Provo has quite the food scene going on and I am so grateful I live here!

^^The deliciousness that is the Machine Gun Sandwich : a baguette stuffed to the brim with lamb sausages, belgian frites, and the Andalouse sauce^^
I took the above photo to send to Franc, my roommate from Argentina because he's all of a sudden all about Nu Skin.
I just really love these two!

I also FINALLY made it to Bridal Veil Falls. It's just a tiny little hike up Provo Canyon. We got there at 8am and it was perfect, although Matt kept complaining about how "cold" it was. Bridal Veil Falls used to have a tram back in the day that would take you to a restaurant at the top. How dreamy would that have been? I vote they need to bring it back! Jake said his parents went on a date there!

Amanda, Matt, Me, Jake (he's starting law school this year and & because I'm doing a joint-degree, we'll be graduating together) and Kevin. 
My goal is to have so many adventures that a structured school semester will sound good to me, but let's be real...that's probably NOT going to happen.

On Sunday, I visited my family in Salt Lake and joined them for a Father's Day dinner. There were also two birthdays to celebrate. I feel like every time I go to my family's house it is someone's birthday!

Sundays have become my busiest days! After church I had a presidency meeting and as I was walking home with Andrea I decided to invite her to my family dinner. Andrea is originally from Mexico, but has lived in East LA the last couple of years—we're soul sisters! I loved being able to get to know her better on the drive to Salt Lake and I just felt so blessed to have her serving with me. & I SUPER enjoy taking friends to meet my extended family. I just love when the world becomes a little bit smaller, and the people I love get to know each other.


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