Monday, June 8, 2015

When in BA, do as the Porteños do...

The first Sunday after I found out I would be going to Buenos Aires, I was sitting in the Marriott Center at BYU. We were gathered for a special stake conference: Elder Ballard had come along with Elder L. Whitney Clayton. Elder Clayton's wife also spoke and she told a story from their time living in Buenos Aires while serving in the area presidency. Her story went something along the lines of this:

The Clayton family moved to Buenos Aires when there was a time of economic crisis in the country. The family had just arrived and the Clayton children were anxious to explore the city and get ice cream. Sister Clayton gave her boys the equivalent of US $100 in the form of an Argentine bill, because they hadn't had a chance to break down the bill into change. The boys decided they wanted ice cream, so they went to an ice cream place called, 'Freddo.' Much to their dismay, Freddo couldn't break the large bill for them, so they got creative at purchased $100US dollars worth of ice cream. :)

After hearing that story, I decided I needed to go to this 'freddo' place. Turns out, Freddo is a chain and there was one conveniently close by my house. I made it a tradition that every time I went to take my laundry I would treat myself to a little bit of Freddo. 

Freddo, I will miss you! You were the first thing I knew about Argentina and your dulce de leche flavored ice cream was the last thing I ate there. 
^^I know this is a random pizza picture. But, pizza and helado were my two staple foods while in Argentina. On my last day in the office, we had a pizza party! 
^^I convinced Andrea and Alyssa to do the classic porteño thing and use a 2x1 kilo coupon. We had a movie night +  ice cream my last Friday in BA. In each kilo you can fit three flavors, so we decided we'd make a list.
Mantecol, chocolate Amargo, & dulce de leche con almendras! 


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