Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ward friends & adventures.

I wasn't the best at making ward friends during fall/winter. It was always just kind of easier to get together with law school friends. I mean, I already saw them at least 8 hours a day and we got along so well, what was another couple hours a week more? 

Before I left for Argentina, I was sitting in a ward council where we talked about how a) we hadn't really gone down in numbers and b) we also didn't have a huge turnover rate [if we did, most of the turnover would be staying fall winter]. I've always felt really strongly about taking a step back and looking at who Heavenly Father has placed in your life. I've made it a summer goal to make a huge effort to really get to know the people who are in my ward simply because I know I can learn so much from them. So, I've been planning little adventures/excursions and inviting anyone and everyone, because everyone needs a little adventure in their life! You know? 

This week I went to the Manti pageant and to the Redwood Drive-in in West Valley. I highly recommend both!
^^They were selling delicious wood fired pizza right across the street from the pageant. nom.nom.nom.
^^Marisa, she just so happens to be one of my counselors in the RS presidency and is full of really amazing ideas!
^^ This picture is my favorite!
^^The scene where Christ comes to the Americas. 

The Mormon Miracle Pageant runs every summer. Apparently it's been the same show since 1967! You can kind of tell this by the dialogue and the music from the pageant—it very much sounds like an old disney movie or the train ride that goes around Disneyland. 

^^Amy was the only one smart enough to bring a chair to the Drive-In.
We had originally planned on seeing Inside-Out with Jurassic Park, BUT the website lied and provided false information. So, instead we saw Inside Out with Tomorrowland. Inside Out was amazing; Tomorrowland...meh. 
^^My roommate Jenny and I put my popcorn maker to good use and filled bags upon bags with homemade deliciousness. We were originally going to fill up the brown bags with popcorn, but then I remembered I had cute popcorn bags from that one time I threw a boardwalk party ages ago!
Let me tell you, there's another level of magic added when you watch Disney movies under the stars...


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