Sunday, July 12, 2015

this week's happenings.

Somehow blogging this summer has turned into a weekly update type post in the form of a Sunday activity. Not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that, in fact, it helps it feel even more like a journal with a tone of a missionary-email update. Summer is strange in that my weekdays feel more like weekends and Saturdays have turned more into my I've-got-chores-and-errands-to-do days. So strange, but I like feeling like I have more weekends than chore days. 

On Monday I got to cross off a BYU Bucketlist item... (It's been a while since I did one of those)

#36 Feed the ducks at the duckpond

My FHE (Family Home Evening) group had a boat building competition and race down BYU's nice little nature walk. I didn't have time to gather boat making materials, but I had inherited some bread ends from a ward breakfast and brought those along so that we could feed the birds ducks. 

On Wednesday we had a combined RS2/EQ2 Cultural night activity where we had a cultural potluck, listened to cultural music, and even danced a little cultural dancing. I made 3 things of 9x13 enchiladas. I would have made more, but my big bag of cheese ran out. Also, thanks Mom for teaching me your Mexican cooking skills. Enchiladas brought to you by years of training by Liz Flores.

This week at work I got to help out with a Religious Freedom conference. Yara, a sweet girl from Barcelona (who studies in PARIS!) came as an exchange student for the week and I got to show her around Provo on Thursday. I loved being able to speak Spanish with her, mostly because recently I've just fallen in love with the Spanish accent (thanks Gran hotel!) We listened to Julieta Venegas in my car and ate really delicious food at the Provo FoodTruck roundup. I'm obsessed.

This week I tried the Mousetrap Truck which boasts some delicious gourment grilled cheese sandwiches.
I tried (& LOVED) the Nicolas Cage—sharp cheddar cheese, sliced apples, pulled prk, brown sugar glaze and spring mix. 
& there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!
The sky was too beautiful for words that day.
We told Yara she had to try a pie shake from Zeke's. She was kind of grossed out by the concept of a pie blended in liquid form, but she got over it. Mine was voted the most delicious! #pumpkincheesecake
On Saturday, I went with ward friends to the Timpanogas temple (Provo is closed). It was JAMPACKED! We stopped at in-n-out on the way home. I love burgers, but I seriously want to eat nothing but salads this week. 


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I love reading your blog! we need to hang out and catch up!

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