Sunday, July 26, 2015

Has it only been a week?

Last week my family was in town. While they were planning the trip I had the best idea of my life of having them come to my apartment on Sunday to have family dinner. I asked them to bring masa from back home so that we could make huaraches (my favorite Mexican dish on the planet!). I don't know what it was, but those huaraches turned out to be the best huaraches I have had in a LONG time. My dad just has this way of kneading the masa and making them taste extra delicious or maybe it was just the fact that I could once again taste my Mom's fresh homemade salsa? ¿Que se yo? All I know was that it was delicious! Seriously the best, even Ezra expressed that these were some dang good huaraches!

& lastly a cute picture of my grandmother.
We took her on a sightseeing trip of Provo 
& I thought that this crown from a local toy store was just really fitting.


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