Friday, July 17, 2015

warm winter wishes—in july.

I was practically chastised by my Mom yesterday for not having sent this package yet. So maybe that goal of sending my brother a package a month was a bit lofty? Although, I really think it was the month in Argentina that messed me up. You would think that sending my brother a package from Argentina (which is RIGHT next door to Chile) would be less expensive—not so.  It's almost like Heavenly Father was nudging me to send this package because I also got a text from my former Young Women's leader asking about the greenie package I had sent Devin when he first left.

It's winter in South America and I felt silly gathering things associated with cold weather, but que se puede hacer? nada!

in this package:a fluffy pullover sweater, a cardigan, a Messi soccer jersey (a souvenir from my time in Buenos Aires), a pack of Halls cough drops, packets of Abuelitas hot chocolate, a container of something called 'mallow bits', honey, two packets of campbell's soup, carmex, yierbabuena tea, and a package of EmergenC. 


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