Saturday, April 16, 2016


I'm in the midst of finals right now, and the end is in sight! Last weekend our California Crew was reunited for a weekend long adventure—Questival. Questival is an 24 hr adventure scavenger hunt of sorts. We weren't really in it to win, mostly, we just wanted to explore Utah!
We got a flat tire! First adventure of the trip. Haha. & yes, Scott's wearing a tunic. He'll tell you it's because he's dressed up as Kronk (our team name was 'Beware the Groove,' from Emporer's New Groove), but we wonder about him sometimes.
We slept under the stars on the Salt Flats! It was surprisingly not that cold, although in the morning it was pretty windy. We may or may not have arrived at the Salt Flats at 3 in the morning. oops. I'm not going to lie, I didn't really sleep all that much, mostly because I kept hearing cars driving on the Salt Flats and kept getting worried that one of them would run us over. Kind of an irrational fear because the cars were parked by us, but still! Nunca se sabe!

After the Salt Flats, we crossed into Nevada to complete challenges in Wendover. 
^^One of our challenges was to find and take a picture with a Utah State Quarter. Did anyone else have one of those books growing up where you would collect the state quarters?!?!?! Also, did you know they've since expanded the quarters to include other scenes like National Parks? whaaaa?
^^Another challenge: Eating at a diner and ordering the 13th item on the menu

We ended our questival adventure at Antelope Island. I had never been and it was beautiful! We happened to be there on a day where it wasn't crowded at all. It felt like we had the whole island to ourselves, okay, kind of. 
^^Ignore the bugs on the windshield, isn't that sky just dreamy?


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