Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 2016 #gencon

The long awaited day of general conference finally came! It had been a year since my Mom, Uncle Job, and brother made their semi-annual conference trips. Last conference just felt a little different without everyone here to take part of the family traditions. 

Technically, general conference began the last weekend in March. I drove up to Salt Lake and attended Women's Conference with my family and had a girl's night at an Indian restaurant in Salt Lake. We were muy impressed with our waiter who took orders of a party 12 noting everyone's preference of spicy all by memory. 
^^On Thursday, my Mom, Job, and Ezra came to Provo to visit the new Provo City Center temple. I invited Scott to come help Ezra and I out with baptisms for deceased family members. Afterwards, we all went to my current favorite Provo restaurant Station 22.

Friday night is our traditional PF Chang's gathering. I think my favorite thing to eat this time were the jicama tacos pictured below. Tacos at a (sort-of) Chinese restaurant?!?! I know, but they were really delicious! The menu is constantly changing on us at PF Chang's, but I'm hoping those tacos are still there next time we go.

Saturday Morning, I sat with provo friends! :) Thank you Kyra for the tickets! I'm amazed at how in such a big place I'm able to run into so many people I know. This was the weekend of running into LB 7th ward people!


Thursday: I was part of a diversity photo-shoot on campus (yeah, you read that right). As we were waiting to get our photos taken I ran into Jake Tuimaualuga who I maybe haven't seen since we were 10. Turns out, he's been admitted to Law School at BYU! LB 7th classmates, nothing could be better.
My mom apparently ran into a man named Mark from our early LB7th ward days at the temple.

Friday: While I was at the hotel working on a Stats test (womp.womp.) my family ran into the Ah'Kiongs. I was SO jealous. I love that family.

Saturday: Right after the morning session, I ran into the Solomonas. My mom and I had literally just been talking about them the night before, and I ran like a giddy school girl and got a little too excited when I saw them. I also ran into an Elder from my mission and Niva Tuala.

Sunday: Before the morning session began, I ran into Niva Tuala again, but this time she had Audris with her. I spent so much of my time in young women's hanging out with these girls! I also ran into all the Palei children (who aren't exactly children anymore).

Honestly, all these run-ins made me SO excited to return home to the hood this summer!!

^^Taken at our pizza party after Priesthood session.
^^with Audris and Niva. #bananaponkekez


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