Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ever so blessed.

A couple of days ago, roommate Jenny posted on her blog a challenge to list out a 100 things we're grateful for. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday so I took the challenge to heart and wrote them all down in my journal but I also wanted to share them with all of you!
Disclaimer: These aren't necessarily listed in order of importance & I have both superficial & spiritual things.

One hundred things I'm THANKFUL for
by Lauren Flores

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2. My family
3. Thomas S. Monson
4. Missionaries (the ones who baptized my grandpa & my friends currently serving)
5. Temples
6. The Book of Mormon
7. Jesus Christ
8. Joseph Smith
9. Thanksgiving (& the breaks that come with it)
10. Being born Mexican
11. Football (I'm a loyal Cougars & Steelers fan)
12. Sunshine
13. The color yellow
14. Disneyland
15. Jeniffer Michelle Rubio
16. Misden Mora
17. Brenda Mercedes Camarena
18. Snail mail
19. Tender mercies
20. Random acts of kindness
21. California
22. The beauty of the earth
23. Music
24. The wonders of technology
25. The word of wisdom
26. BYU
27. The determination to succeed
28. Books
29. The United States of America
30. President Gordon B. Hinckley (& his challenge to read the Book of Mormon)
31. Long Beach 7th ward (my second family who made me who I am today)'
32. The ability I have to speak Spanish
33. The humble conditions of my family in Mexico, they inspire me to push myself past my limits.
34. Compton, CA (& for the lessons I've learned living here)
35. Louis burgers
36. memories
37. Journals and the power they have to transport you to events past.
38. Photographs
39. The five senses
40. Summer♥
41. Friendly smiles
42. Rain
43. Incense
44. Good health
45. Playing the Piano
46. Good rhythm
47. Strong legs that allow me to run for 5mi straight
48. Creativity
49. The Ocean
50. Walt Disney
51. The diversity of cultures
52. Los Angeles
53. Color
54. Mexican Food
55. Chilé (habanero, taptío, nom.nom.nom)
56. Popcorn
57. The miracle of forgiveness
58. The gift I have of cooking & baking
59. My canon rebel T1i
60. My macbook pro
61. Beautiful sunsets
62. The stillness of the night
63. Warm sweaters
64. Dreams
65. Greenery
66. My job
67. Being good at confrontations
68. hamburgers (Li-sha shout out to you!)
69. Internships
70. Bookstores
71. Magazines
72. Christmas music
73. Hugs
74. The south street building
75. Miracles
76. Wishes
77. Inspiration
78. Life
79. A cool breeze
80. Water
81. Airplanes
82. Spiritual gifts
83. A good judge of character
84. Uncontrollable laughter
85. Traditions
86. Patriarchal blessings
87. General conference
88. The Quesada clan
89. headbands
90. Dreamy clouds
91. Beautiful people
92. The promise of tomorrow
93. Kindred Spirits
94. Brown people in UTAH!
95. Virtue
96. Everyday magic
97. Sesame street
98. Faith
99. Great friendships
100. Being able to make someone smile. :]

I want to see your hundred! P.s. I have a couple of posts up my sleeve, they'll be up if not today tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

ahhhh cute! I love your list. I'm glad you took the challenge!! it feels so good huh??

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