Saturday, November 20, 2010

hot chocolate & cougar tails


I brought out the polaroid to play again! :] It seemed only fitting to document the last home game of the season with it.
Only Tiff & I attended the game out of our football group, but I wouldn't of had it any other way.
It provided for some great bonding time.
It was freezing & we may have only stayed for 3 quarters, but it was magical.
Tiffany had these great gloves her mom got her, every finger has an individual pom-pom!
& I shot part of my photography class final project at the game. :]
We left early because it was windy & well, the game kind of got boring. (ooops.)
But, we didn't leave empty handed we got hot cocoa to warm our souls & a cougar tail just for a taste of something sweet.
We also may or may not have stopped at McDonalds to appease our need for salt. :]

I heart Tiff so much & this weekend was just a reminder of why.

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