Friday, November 19, 2010

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

Two words, Harry Potter.
You better believe I was at the midnight showing, with my former roommates of course,
die-hard potter fans.
I kind of freaked out a bit before because I didn't have hogwarts-esque clothing worthy of a premiere, as a Muggle I don't exactly have robes sitting around.
I absolutely loved seeing everyone dress up, it was so funny waving to wizards in cars and seeing them eat in restaurants, it was as if for one night the world became a lot more magical.
Probably my favorite disguise though was this group of girls that went dressed up as a quidditch team, as in legit brooms and ALL. I tried desperately to get pictures of them, but the theaters was packed as in Disneyland in the summer-time packed.
Loved the movie, I think we dissected it all the way home. Just 8 more months till it's over though. gahhhhhh.

Legit sign-age.

Former roommates, reunited!

I became paparazzi in the car.

If only!!!!

:] Newest recruits of Dumbledoor's army. :]

All of my ,
Lauren (a muggle who wishes she were a witch)


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