Monday, November 1, 2010

highway to hale & halloween on a sunday.

Two posts in 2 days, this is progress people!

I don't remember ever blogging about this, but I have a goal to learn to love running. I've been a devoted swimmer for most of my life, but I got to the point where I could do with cheating as in I could swim fast enough but not have it be like a real workout. That's the best way I can explain it. I've never loved running, I actually loathe it, but I'm kind of really competitive so I figured races would help get me motivated. So, I DID IT! I ran my first 5k ever, "Highway to Hale" in Orem to support a local theater. I didn't run in costume because I didn't think I could be comfortable in one for my first race, BUT Darrian wants to run with a big group next year so look out for that in 363 days. My goal is to build up to half marathon status before the school year ends (April 2011). My next race is the Oceanside Turkey Trot 8k in sunny sunny california on thanksgiving day! I'm running the 8k with my brother Devin who just recently joined Bravo high school's (woot woot) cross country team.

Halloween fell on a Sunday this year and since I'm a devout Mormon and strictly believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy I didn't dress up or trick-or-teat or party the night away. I spend my halloween almost like any Sunday, 3 hours of church, Sunday nap, tarrea (that means hw in Spaneesh) and what-not. BUT, we did have people over to make mummy pizzas and we had a hang-out sesh afterwards where I realized that sometimes, high school ways follow you all the way to BYU.







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Li-Sha said...

okay. are we twins? i SERIOUSLY hate running too. congrats on your race! i always told myself that as long as i finished, that was considered winning:) those pizza mummies are adorable as well!

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