Friday, February 3, 2012

SoCal Tour: Day 3 Riverside, CA

When I think California, I think Disneyland. Unfortunately, it's a tad bit pricey for the entire group to go in. So we did the next best thing—go to Downtown Disney! It had been a while since I had actually walked through the place. It was fun to try on character hats. I'm a proud Disneyland pass holder so I went inside just for like 5 minutes top. I love Disneyland, but not enough to go in and ride one ride by myself.

We had an assembly/outreach at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside. The school is a boarding school and every student is of Native American descent! We performed a 45 min segment of our show and at the end, the Native American students introduced themselves. A handful of students actually performed a song for us, we later learned that the song was a blessing. The school also had a little museum where we could learn about the history of the school and the tribes the students come from.

Daniela (secret pal) got me some sour patch kids when we made a quick Walmart run! Our show was at Ramona High School. The high school had a nice auditorium and was actually fortunate enough to have a couple of people from my stake come and see the show. My good friend Celia and her Husband Wes came through and it turns out Wes actually served in the same mission as my fellow Native Section member, Sam. The world grows smaller everyday.


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