Monday, February 6, 2012

SoCal Tour: Day 6 Escondido, CA

This was our last true day of tour. We drove from Oxnard all the way to Old town San Diego. We drove past my house and it made me so happy to see familiar sights. Old town San Diego is one of my favorite places in the world. My family visits every summer during my mom's birthday. It was awesome to go with the group. We toured the newly renovated Mormon Battalion visitors center. It was lucky that we came when we did because the visitors center needed Spanish speakers to accompany one of the tours to translate. Eli from the Latin section translated and afterwards her nickname became, "soy la tour guide barbie."

We explored Old Town and I told everyone they HAD to try the flavored tortillas (i like cinnamon and strawberry) from Cafe Coyote. This stop also served as a secret pal gift purchasing spot. Daniela bought Shelly and I Mexican friendship bracelets. I could have spent an entire day at Old town, but sadly we had only a limited amount of time before we had to head to the venue.

The venue was beautiful. Each of the sections had their own dressing rooms. We drew pictures on our native girl dressing room sign. Although it looks like I have a blacked out head, it really is supposed to just be the back of my head. We were treated with such hospitality & I had way too much to eat.


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