Friday, February 17, 2012

j. dawgs

#9 J. Dawgs

Maybe we made a Native girls pact to not eat junk food till the end of the semester. Maybe we made a loophole though that things on the bucketlist were ok. Maybe I haven't had a J.Dawg since freshman year when they sold them for $1 for those pep rallies they used to throw before football games. Maybe Daniela & I were just craving for the satisfaction of crossing off something on the bucketlist. Maybe I haven't had Junk food all week and so my detoxed body found the taste of Junk food just a little strange.

but Maybe J.Dawgs is still really delicious so it doesn't really matter...

Last time I had a J.Dawg I ordered it from the shack (before the store existed)

I like the Dawg (beef) with errything.


Li-Sha said...

J. Dawgs is the most delicious thing ever to be had unique to Provo and will never ever be considered junk food. ever. so i think you're good :)

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