Thursday, February 2, 2012

SoCal Tour: Day 2 Irvine,CA

Our day started with some sun & waves at Balboa Beach in Newport Beach. It was the first time for some people in the group to ever visit the beach! The weather was absolutely beautiful. The water was chilly, but that didn't stop a good number of group members from jumping in. We all joked about getting as much color in our skin before we return to the dead of winter that awaits us in Provo.

There's a small pier on Balboa Beach and Shelly, Stephen, and I grabbed a snack at Ruby's Diner. The weather was so perfect that we decided to have our food outside. Nothing beats a strawberry shake and french fries enjoyed on a pier in perfect California weather.

After Balboa Beach, we made a really quick stop at the Newport Beach Temple. I feel like the architecture and design of this temple is quintessentially California. It embodies the California spirit to the T. There's no other state or country that this temple could fit in.

We reached UC Irvine's Barclay Theatre just a tad bit late. The venue was state of the art! We loved the dressing rooms because of their great lighting and because they were equipped with showers. Our dinner was delicious once again and it was great to be able to eat our meal outside and feel the ocean breeze.

Alot of group members actually had their families come to this show! My family came to see me at the show but, sadly I didn't get any great photos on my camera. My host family also came to see the show. We just got new programs and the audience loved them! One of my host sisters was so proud to say that she had spotted me in the program and in all of my dances. Programs with headshots:success.


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