Saturday, May 19, 2012

Under the Boardwalk

I threw a little party, with help from great friends. 
Remember these invites
I happen to live in one of the cutest complexes in Provo—a little village if you would. 
Summers back home consist of strolls on piers and boardwalks and I thought, 
"why not bring some of that magic to Provo?"

The atmosphere was magical with twinkling lights and rainbow bunting swaying softly in the cool breeze.
The hits of the party were palm reading sessions with Cali
& Tyler's magnificent ball toss to win a goldfish game.
There were some serious competitors—black finned goldfish hopefuls...

A huge thank-you to Carolyn 
(who took a few of the pictures above) 
for being my co-party conspirator. 
You my friend are one lovely lady.


Li-Sha said...

holy cow lauren, you are so good at throwing parties! throwing parties always stresses me out haha. i aspire to be like you. :)this party looked so fun! props to you.

Brooke said...

This looks like the perfect start of summer bash! Everything here is just perfect.

anna said...

you're right.... this is how i know you! darling blog, and darling party... i'm so, so sad i missed it. looks like it went very well!

Melizza Andrea said...


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