Thursday, July 29, 2010

boredom buster.

Boring classes do not stop in high school. I still tend to drift off into outer space & write down to do lists in my planner when I've lost all my will power to concentrate. I'm not exactly taking any classes right now, but, yesterday I stumbled upon one of my boredom busters from Mexico.

I had class at 7 am in the morning M,W,TH, it was brutal. In order to keep ourselves awake, Rebekah & I would cast people in movies.
It was so great and I think I can say in full confidence that should Disney or Warner brothers ever need a casting director we are their go to gals.
When casting got old, we made this gem, a map of our Spanish class inspired my the Mean girls cafeteria map.

Don't ever let boredom get the best of you...

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xxcolour-me-beautifulxx said...

Hi Lauren Thanks for leaving a 'lovely little note' on my blog!!
interestingly enough I'm currently studying Film and Media at UCT (South AFrica-Cape Town)
Seems we have something in common
Have a great Day Jill (check me out more-definately adding you to my blog list)

Is it too early for Cake (It's almost 10am in Cape TOwn lol)
Your caked looked STUNNING

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