Sunday, July 11, 2010

We are the champions.

My little brother Ezra had his first swim meet this weekend!
Ezra was really nervous but he did awesome, he swam against people twice his age and he swam his little heart out.
While at the swim meet, a bunch of Mom's from the dark side [aka the opposing team] mistook me for the team coach. WTHeck?
I was minding my own business telling Ezra about how a girl who had raced him had gotten disqualified when the girls mother began interrogating me as to why her daughter had gotten disqualified.
She later told her fellow darthmamas about how I was the team coach and out of no where, while I was watching another event, a lady stormed to me got in my face and started getting feisty.
"Did you see that? He's disqualified, look at that? You are the coach right? Right?"
Competition does crazy things to people.

Look out for him at the olympics sometime in the near future.

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Li-Sha said...

hahaha i think that's actually kind of funny:) people get super fiesty! it's ridiculous.

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