Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer is for dreaming.

Most new year's resolutions are dead by April and for this reason I have a bit of a goal revival come June. Summer is a time for relaxation, a brief rest from reality and a period of 3 months to dedicate your whole being to accomplishing whatever it is you want.

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This summer I WILL:
- Learn to mosturize properly ( as in put on lotion as SOON as I get out of the shower)
- Gain a tan to last me a fall & winter in Provo
- Run a 5k 3 times a week.
- FINISH the Time Traveler's Wife.
- Read The BOM 10 min. a night.
- Try to avoid playing catchup in my journal.
- Eat Healthy, BUT not completely sacrifice my love of frenchfries♥ & burgers.
- Cook Sunday Dinner whenever I'm home.
- Make 3 new friends.
- Better my piano skills by practicing whatever hymns were played at church the week before.
- Have a series of adventures on the Metrorail lines.
- Try 5 new dessert recipies. (suggestions?)
All of My ♥,


Kristen said...

Summer always renews my vigor for the things I really want to do but haven't. is the absolute best for recipes and pretty delicious foods. My resolution is saving for my trip to europe in october


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