Friday, July 23, 2010

college-ruled notepaper

I always keep my school notebooks.
I never know if I'll have to go back and look back at my 10th grade chemistry notes, better safe than sorry, right?
Also, I never seem to completely use up my old notebooks, so whenever i need to scribble something down, they're perfect.
Case in point: remember my summer goal of cooking every sunday?
This Sunday I'm putting together cilantro lime pork chops, quinoa salad, and avocado mango salad. I needed a place to write down the ingredients needed, freshman year notebook to the rescue!

feliz friday ,


Brooke Self said...

Hey I do that too! I feel like such a gross pack rat doing it though so I've been making myself throw some away! haha. Cute post and keep blogging! =)

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