Monday, December 20, 2010



it rained today. pittered and pattered.
and it soothed me, it has been soothing me since last wednesday when it started. it's rained non-stop but at the same time, it's not pouring. just drip-drip-drop-little-april-showers, in december.

soothing, calming rain.

i've slept like a baby & i feel even more safe within the warm walls of my home. it's kind of
like the sensation of being wrapped in a warm towel after spending a day at the pool.

it's almost as if i've moved to seattle. mom said that soon she'll start to miss the sun.

everything looks greener when it rains and for some reason, our christmas tree smells fresher than ever.

i went out only once today to endulge in cafe rio, which just opened at lakewood mall, and to pick up our christmas cards at the mall. as i drove home, i thought of our van as a submarine, protecting us from the wet world outside.
i think my favorite parts of the day was the little races we had as we tried to not get drenched after leaving sheltered places.

i came home a happy girl with cherry lemonade from hot dog on a stick, the only thing i get from there, and an oatmeal cookie in hand.

these are simple things i miss while i'm gone. i miss the laid back cheerful lifestyle of california. people always say that california doesn't have any seasons, that we're just spoiled with sunshine. i think people just say that because they're jealous. we have everything here, even snow, we just get to choose when we want to visit it.

i call that paradise.

DAY 21 — your favorite christmas movie.

hands down, george balachine's the nutcracker.
macaulay culkin is in it, need i say more. i was fascinated, still am kind of, with ballet when i was younger. my grandma bought me this film when i was younger and i loved watching it over & over before christmas. tragically, my grandma accidentally broke my copy while she was cleaning one day. i've been meaning to purchase it ever since. i have the soundtrack on my laptop & my favorite number is spanish chocolate. i'll get around to purchasing it again someday... the thing is no one likes sitting down for two hours watching ballet on film with me. hopefully someday in the future, i'll have a husband that'll be kind enough to do so ...

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Anonymous said...

I love rain. I find it inspiring.

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