Wednesday, December 29, 2010

little tokyo: the adventure continues.

yummy sushi, vintage clothes stores, funny little animal hats,
christmas decorations still out for us to play with,
tall skyscrapers, mochi ice cream, footland,
and cute little stores with Japanese thing-a-ma-bobs.

All things listed made we wonder why it had taken me this long
to pay a visit to Little Tokyo.

Alyssa & Dee put on a little runway show for Misden & I with these fancy fur coats from a rockabilly Japanese store. enjoy.

All of my ,


Brooke Self said...

OH that tray of food looks so yummy! I love sushi. and the fur coats are darling!

Betsey said...

such a cool post! this looks like so much fun, and you are all so stylish!

Miss. Rae said...

Your blog is super cute! Thanks for commenting on mine, keep in touch(:

Anonymous said...

So much fun packed in one post!

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