Saturday, December 18, 2010

no place like home for the holidays.


I've said it before, but Christmas is not my favorite holiday, surprised? disappointed? sorry! But, being at home, surrounded by family makes me just a bit more excited for the 25th of December and the family traditions surrounding it. The presents have already started piling, our Christmas tree was all decked out by the time I got home & decorations from my childhood make me smile. There's just one little piece of decorations missing, my mother's collection of nacimientos (nativity scenes). I'm really excited for her to put out the one I just bought from Mérida, Yucatán while I was on my study abroad.

Picnik collage

p.s. Every year in my family, we choose a Hallmark ornament to buy for our tree. These are two of my favorites



p.p.s I realized, that I am not the only Sesame Street fan in my fambam. Note, this was definitely not planned.

DAY 18 — Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink

I don't drink Coffee because of my religious beliefs, but Mom & I did treat ourselves yesterday to a Hot Vanilla Creme yesterday before I headed to work. nom.nom.nom.

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