Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homecoming Spectacular.

Last week was crazy-madness for me.
I had three performances & one dress rehearsal,
leaving only Tues for me to get any real work done.

Performing in homecoming spectacular was such a fun experience;
it really did help me to get excited about football again.
We all danced a Samoan Sasa along with a dance using lapa lapas.
We saw some footage of our performance in rehearsal yesterday,
and can I just brag real quick and say
we lookin' good.

I was feeling a little lonely though because over half of the people in our Natives section went to perform for ambassadors in Washington, DC.
(they're that cool)

Highlight though was definitely getting to dance for President Uchtdorf!
I'm bummed I didn't actually get to meet him though. :[

pretty polys.
lone natives.
lovely latinas.


flor said...

so fun! i'm glad you're having a blast- you all look stunning :)


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