Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reason #2 why I love the hood: Name Pronunciation

I applied for graduation on Tuesday.
It sent me into a frenzy. a good kind of nostalgic but also adventure-seeking frenzy.
I'm officially getting my diploma June 2012, but walking across the stage April 2012
My counselor said she could still remember the first day I walked into her office.
Not surprising.
I'm sort of a meticulous planner.
I had a graduation plan set by the end of first semester at BYU.
*granted, I was supposed to graduate last April BUT felt like I was getting gyped of my collegiete experience & decided to add 3 minors to the mix.

As part of walking across the stage early, I had to fill out a fancy form.
On this fancy form, I had to write out my name as I would like it printed on my diploma & how I would like it pronounced.
Lauren Marie Flores.
simple enough right? thank goodness my parents didn't name me something like:

Rosario Xitlali Jimena DelaCruz Vasquez Flores
(why yes, I did just write down the first 6 Spanish names that popped into my head)

Imagine my surprise then when my counselor pulled out a hot-pink/magenta post-it and wrote down the following after she heard me say my name...

"Loren floor-ez"

Because apparently Utahns don't know that the correct way to pronounce my name is not "lAr-ren" and they haven't had enough contact with Mexicans to get Flores right.
oh the woes of being ethnic.


Alex said...

Welcome to my life. My last name, Maldonado, was pronounced wrong at my graduation. And I live in Texas!

Li-Sha said...

hahaha i love this! utahns, they just talk so funny! here's to ethnic names! :)

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