Saturday, October 29, 2011

Highway to Hale 5k.

i hate running.
It's because I hate running that I'm on a quest to love it.
I'm not there yet, not even close.
I'm still awaiting the day when I crave a good run;
When running 2mi is more of something I can't wait to add to my daily checklist
instead of something I can't wait to check off.

There's nothing appealing to me about gasping for air,
feeling mucus caught in the back of your throat,
and having lips that are cracked so badly it hurts.

acquired taste maybe?
Something I haven't quite learned to appreciate.

This is why I run races. To motivate me.
To make running fun.
I ran the Highway to Hale 5k today in support of the Hale Center Theater.
Cara & Chelsea (5k virgins) ran the race with me!
I ran the race last year & guess what? I beat my time by 3 minutes!
that simple joy right there kind of makes me have a crush on running.
just a little one though. :]

Next race: Oceanside Turkey Trot 8k (5mi)


kylee said...

i'm not a fan either and i always try to convince myself otherwise. then i run for 15 minutes one day and don't go again until 4 months later. here's to hoping i can break the 4 month record.

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