Thursday, October 6, 2011

Law Symposium.

I had my first performance as a Living Legend on Monday. We packed up our costumes, accessories, and props and made our way in awesome BYU vans to Thanksgiving point for BYU's Law & Religion symposium. We were able to meet so many wonderful people from all parts of the world.

Honestly, the one lesson I keep learning here at BYU is that we are all SO connected. It's truly amazing. I happened to sit and have dinner at the Symposium with a couple living in Guatemala who knew my Tia Maria and Tio David really well while Tio David was serving as a mission president there.

Probably the most surreal and trippy experience though was when I found out that two of the people in Living Legends (Carlos & Daniela) went to my high school. No one knows about my high school. People from back home don't know about my high school. It's a magnet school and I only got to go there because my mom works for LAUSD. I was always so sure that I was the only member of the church at my school! It's really strange for me to comprehend that Carlos (who's my partner for the Yupik dance we do) and I went to the same high school but only realized this because years down the line we just so happened to be in Living Legends together in the Native American section together.

Who do these things happen to? seriously?

Carlos '06 and Daniela '04,fellow Bravo Knights.


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