Sunday, October 16, 2011

a tailgate party.

I've moved to a new place every year since being here at BYU. With every move comes a new ward (church congregation). The ward I'm in had a really high turnover this year and the first couple of Sundays it seemed like no one was talking to each other. My roommates and I came up with the great idea of throwing a little fiesta. Because the homecoming game didn't start till 8:15 (!!!) we shifted our party from a dance party to more of a homecoming tailgate.

we kind of got really excited and ran with our theme: this involved a lot of Daily Universe collecting... We also kind of purchased 160 hot dogs (we're still trying to finish them) and tons of buns (luckily we got to return those). It really was such a great success and we really got to know a bunch more people from our ward. Yay for making new friends!

anyway, here are a few photos from our party...

we all came together and collected copies of football issues of the Daily Universe for a month to use as wallpaper. My lovely friend Briana also happens to be the football team's secretary so she was able to hook us up with some sweet posters. we were lucky enough to snag a few pom pom's from our team's first home football game to use as decor too. Katie & I made our green tablecloth into a football field after being inspired by this party picture on pinterest.

huzzah for fiestas!


kylee said...

boy do you know how to throw a party! the newspaper idea is my favorite!

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