Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Those aren't NEARLY as fun..."

The title from my post comes from a father
who was taking his children through the Oceania art exhibit.
He was referring to the Greek & Roman sculptures and I couldn't agree with him more.

I was reunited with my old roommate Chelsea on the Upper East Side. We ventured to the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" exhibit at the Met on Saturday. It was breathtaking. There was so much talent in that exhibit, so much creativity. I've always admired fashion designers. The fact that people can actually take cloth, zippers, and embellishments and construct them into works of art is mind-blowing. If you're in new york anytime between now & July 31st, PLEASE do yourself a favor and see the exhibit. It will change your life. really.

We were both starving after exploring the museum, so we made a plan to visit a burger place I have on my NYC bucket list. Chelsea hates the subway. I couldn't believe it. A new yorker who hates the subway? I'm a visitor and I love it, it gives me a sense of adventure. So instead, we walked thirty blocks. yes, 30 to get to 50th street. Only to realize, brgr was located 10 blocks back. oi vey!

brgr. was. delicious. They get their meat from cows fed only grass. I'm now convinced that that's the secret to a great burger. It tops the shake shack. Chelsea's not a fan of cheese on her burgers, but forgot to ask them to leave off the cheese & she still loved it. That should be proof enough for you there. I tried their black & white shake (without salt) and it was definitely the best shake I've had here. The perfect blend of smooth & creamy. Do yourself a favor and try one!

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kylee said...

all these burger posts have me craving one. those shake shack pictures had me nearly drooling.

Michelle Lee said...

love your photos :)

your newest follower here!

Liz V. said...

black and white shakes are my favorite!! I really miss those.

Madi said...

okay, i have lived in NYC since january and haven't tried this until tonight per your recommendation. AMAZING BURGER AND SHAKE. seriously. i am totally a shake shack loyal fan but this is pretty much the I am now going to try that noodle place as well since it's right next to my work!

Lauren said...


Wasn't it heaven on earth? Did you have the shake? I think that part was my favorite. I love nooï. My internship is a block away so you might catch me there sometime. They also have macaroons there! Pricey, but so bueno.

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