Monday, May 2, 2011

8 things I learned while exploring NYC. Vol. 2

1. You don't have to travel far for great food.

2. Always pretend that you have a sweetheart, it gets you more food.

3. Ribs make me happy & coleslaw is my new favorite side.

4. Church buildings come in all shapes and sizes.

5. You can always help out a cougar in need.

6. New York restaurants are super stingy with the amount of sauce they give you.

7. New Yorkers take cleanliness very seriously.

8.Knowing how to wash your clothes by hand saves you a whole lotta money.

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Mascara Addict =) said...

Whoa! I've never seen those security tags on detergent lol As you know, we only have them on liquor and baby formula in LA lol Have a great week!

Li-Sha said...

hahaha those security things on the detergent seriously cracked me up. so awesome. and pretty ridiculous as well, i guess...

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