Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never order off the "secret menu" if there is no "secret menu"

I learned that the hard way.

I feel like half of the things on our "List of things to do in New York" are food places. Not that I'm complaining. On Wednesday, we hit up the ultra famous shake shack. Madison square park is the prefect location for the place, although I did feel tons of bugs biting away at my skin, oh Mother nature.

Rachel and I had both been recommended the "salted caramel shake" to try. When we finally reached the front of the 1 hour line (so worth the wait though), we placed our orders to confused cashiers. We were going to change our order, but they assured us that they could make such a shake. A man next to us in line shook his head when we ordered and said, "You guys are so trendy, that's such a hipster thing to do..."

Mmm. Salted caramel shake. N e v e r a g a i n. It was horrible, I felt like I was drinking a shake dipped in the ocean. I think I took maybe tops five sips before I was done. Rachel and I threw our shakes away. There was a homeless man picking at the garbage on the hunt for food and I warned him that our shakes were gross. I think he misunderstood me though; I think he thought I was telling him what he was doing was gross. I saw him take one sip of my shake and make the funniest face ever and throw the shake back in the garbage. Not even a homeless man wanted my shake.

Aside from the shake fiasco though, Shake Shack is definitely the best Burger I've had in New York City thus far. It has a hint of the great In-N-Out flavor that I heart.

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Li-Sha said...

hahahaha best story ever. love it.

Mascara Addict =) said...

lol at the homeless man tossing the salted shake... good times in NY :) how long are you going to be living there?

Meagan Morrison said...

Hello Lovely Lauren,

Thank-you so so much for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comment that you did. I visited your blog when you left it, got distracted, and neglected to leave a comment here. I swear I think I saw you at the MET yesterday :) Anyways, your stories of New York are fabulous and you have such a wonderful/relatable style of writing. I've signed up to follow you and wish you all the luck here in New York.

Lots of love,

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