Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Brooklyn, how you doin'?

Snaps to you if you know where the post title comes from.

I'm not big into tourist attractions. I see no point. I refuse to pay $21 to go to the top of the empire state building or $36 to go into a museum to see wax figures of celebrities.I like doing things a local would, they always know what's cooler anyways. I think you only truly get to experience a city if you pretend you live there. Tourist attractions, they're all façades; That's not what life is like in those cities. Traveling is so much more fun when you just explore.

On Saturday, we opted out a trip to the statue of liberty to instead venture to the Brooklyn Flea market. Best decision ever. It was such a low key venue and I'm pretty sure I left my heart nestled somewhere in the earth there. I love flea markets (they're known as swap meets back home). My dad used to take me every Saturday morning when I was in elementary school and I would stock up on Mexican candy. The trip on Saturday reminded Angela (she's from the OC) and I so much of home. I feel like flea markets have such a Cali vibe.

My favorite part of flea markets are the food! I had vegetarian dumplings, an AMAZING Asian hot dog, and half of a waffle peanut butter ice cream cookie. I have been inspired for the week.

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Li-Sha said...

what! it costs $21 to go to the top of the empire state building? ridiculous!! anyway i wish that i could go to a flea market, that looks awesome. my dad always made sure that when we went on vacation, we did things that locals did, not the tourists, and i try to do that as well now.

Mascara Addict =) said...

Peanut butter ice cream cookie-nom!! I love flea markets/ swap meets!! You never know what you're gonna find!I, too, don't follow the tourist-y route :) Last year I spent 2 weeks in Peru with my Lonely Planet guide. I bused my way through about 13 different cities. It was super fun-dying to travel again! Have a great week!

Chapstick Fanatic said...

looks like so much fun!

Mrs. P Vega said...

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for introducing me to your blog! I absolutely love it! The layout is so fresh and clean :) How do you get the images to show up so big? I haven't been able to figure this out without the images bleeding onto the side bar.

Thanks again!

Rebekka Seale said...

Sounds like SO much fun...and you're making me hungry!

Kristina said...

great fleamarket! wow, want to go sooo badly! :)

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