Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bansky hooks it up.

so... i don't know if you heard, but the MOCA has this pretty awesome exhibit called art in the streets. Even better news: brilliant British street artist Bansky is paying for everyone's admission on Mondays. You can probably guess where Cindy, Dianey and I went my first Monday home. I loved it so much, I might have to go again! I really wouldn't mind it, especially since the Geffen is located across the street from little Tokyo. We both know how much I love that place.
For a lot of people, street art is controversial.

I grew up surrounded by it. LA has some of the best murals around (future blog post?) and I can't even count the tags that are sprayed on the surfaces of my hometown. I rather miss street art and graffiti when I'm in Provo.

Even if you're anti street art, go see the exhibit.
It's always good to learn about underground cultures.

p.s. i love LA
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Meagan Morrison said...

Oh my goodness that last shot of the Cathedral graffiti is just breathtaking!! Unfortunately when I was in LA I made it to the MOCA on a Wednesday when it was closed. I asked in a previous post whether you were back in LA now full-time. Sorry if I missed the answer. Hope all is well.

Meag xx

Lauren said...


It is true I am now a full-time Los Angeles resident. I loved my little stint in New York though. I'm sad I couldn't come see your artwork in the flesh!

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