Friday, June 10, 2011

cute decor ≠ yummy cupcakes.

You can't tell, but Rachel is listening to a special message from her idol T-swizzle backstage at the CMT's.

humidity makes my hair poofy.

We've been trying to knock off as many places as possible on our New York nom nom's list. I'm sorry to say that we were not entirely impressed with Kitchenette. The cupcakes (I don't even think you can call them that) were lackluster. I also ordered their chicken avocado sandwich which was okay, but the pieces of chicken were way too big for the pieces of bread they came with.

I will say this though, they have some dang good avocado. I'd been missing avocado while in Utah. I have yet to find a grocery store in P-town that carries decent avocado. I feel bad saying this, but kitchenette disappointed me.

Wish me better luck next time!

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Amanda* said...

I LOVE cupcakes! I might weigh 100 more pounds if I started trying all the cupcakes possible around here :)

Meagan Morrison said...

Oh man I guess it's just as good to know that this isn't a must eat place. I've kept thinking of your salted caramel milkshake ever since I first visited your blog lol. Keep the reviews coming lady.

Meag xx

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