Thursday, June 9, 2011

Harlem is my home...

If I've learned anything on this NYC trip, it's that the man upstairs knew best when he had me born into a family living in the Golden Coast only 10 min away from the beach. I do love New York, but California has my soul.

I like to take walks in Harlem every now in then because it reminds me so much of Compton & Huntington Park (aka where I went to elementary school and caught the bus every morning for 7 years of my lifeee). The city is full of culture, loud music bumping in the speakers, stores filled to the brim with imports, 99¢ store wanabees on every corner, Spanish language everywhere you go. Harlem is like my home away from home.

I've decided this street is the perfect place to reenact LMFAO's video for "Party Rock Anthem."

free carwash? nope just a broken fire hydrant. We have plenty of those in the CPT every summer.

Tell me that doesn't remind you of Pacific ave? anyone?

Police vehicles traveling in pairs of two.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first three way conversation on twitter. Courtesy of @BarackOMamba24 & his twitter friend @2dollarbillz. Thomas asked me to try out "beef patties with cocoa bread" for him. In my head I pictured a hamburger, but with cocoa bread, which sounded absolutely delicious. When you're raised with Polynesians, you quickly come to learn that cocoa bread is the most scrumptious thing on earth. (I want some Pani Po Po stat!)

The beef patty was not what I imagined at all. I had to ask the cashier (Tiffany. My new best friend) how to eat the thing. It was hilarious. & all during this I had to ignore the Jamaican janitor who was trying to speak to me in broken Spanish—I think he was trying to say drinks were on the house?

Back to the beef patty though. It was different. a yummy different. a this-is-interesting-but -i'm-not-sure-if-i-love-it different. It was spicy , which if you've read my blog before, you know that's bonus points for me. I probably would have enjoyed it even more had I not burned my tongue with pineapple during lunch. Is it something i'll crave in the near future? not really... But I can cross off trying Jamaican cuisine off my bucket list!

I had no idea how to order. but settled on a cocoa bread and beef patty with rice and gravy? yes. gravy. & not just any gravy... ox tail gravy. As in gravy made from actual ox tails. whaaa?

All of my ,

Do yourself a favor & try food from different cultures. please.


Li-Sha said...

lauren! you are so brave. i'm so scared of trying new foods haha. but if i keep telling myself enough that i like it, i think i will! :)

Chapstick Fanatic said...

i fell in love with beef patties when we had our wedding in jamaica in october. i crave them. but when i went back in april i had one that wasn't as good. this could be for two reasons: 1) it depends on who makes them or 2) i was so carb deprived for losing weight for my wedding that ANYTHING tasted delicious

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