Monday, June 27, 2011

La Raza.

I can't imagine life without culture. There's something great about feeling united with a group of people because of common ancestry and heritage. Mexican food is simply the best, there's a reason for it's wild popularity. I missed it while I was in New York. My mom is an amazing cook, as most Mexican mothers are, and it's comida Méxicana 24/7 at my house during the summer. Visitors always welcome. Mi casa es su casa.

Soccer is king in my culture and on Saturday, Mexico faced the USA in the Cope de Oro. I root for the motherland. I grew up watching Mexican soccer with my dad & I don't deal with any kind of inner struggle when deciding which team to root for. Mexico won, just in case you're wondering 4-2 & my all time favorite player, Geovani Dos Santos, scored the best goal of the game.

That's popcorn covered with Tapatío hot sauce. It's a favorite snack of mine.

There may not be farms in Compton, but that doesn't keep people from riding their horses.

My dad ALWAYS reps BYU.

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Alex said...

Mexican food is a staple in my life. Always.

al said...

Oh I love, love, love mexican food. I have it at least once a week. At least.
You're a lucky girl, haha

Flor said...

where have you been all my life? yes, we totally celebrated soccer this saturday- and mexican food is definitely a staple at our house. you just got a new follower-

- perhaps you'll visit mine sometime.


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