Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fox. f-o-x.

I'm a big x-men fan. They've always been my favorite superhero franchise. I think it's the whole teamwork thing. Or myabe it's because they actually have girls that have superhero powers too? I HAD to go see x-men first class on opening day. It wasn't a want, it was a need.

Before the movie, we stopped by at Cafe Lalo's for dinner. Let me warn you though, they have this huge display case of desserts that stare at you the entire time you're eating. It was impossible not to get something. I went with a milkshake. I didn't know the one I ordered was from the alcoholic beverage menu though, but thankfully, the waitress asked if I was over 21. phew. that would have been awful!

Fun fact. Cafe Lalo was where they film the rose scene in you've got mail! I didn't even realize it till Alyson pointed it out. It made perfect sense why they chose that location though, it was one of the cutest café's i've ever been to.

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