Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My mom would probably cringe...

If she knew how many times I've been to McDonalds in the past week.
But I can't help it if it's the nearest-cheapest-tastiest thing to me.
I totally tried eating somewhere else too & when I went to said other place, they were sold out of what I wanted to order.
Tell me that's not a sign...
& it's not my fault Alyson wanted to celebrate her birthday there!
Who am I to say no to a birthday girl?
What kind of friend would that make me?

All of my ,

p.s. I've got all summer to burn the extra calories!


Li-Sha said...

sometimes, i seriously just crave that cheap tasting mcdonald's burger! so gross but soooooo good! :)

tuesdays at nordic said...

Ohhh yuuum. I think McDonalds is one of my most guiltiest pleasures!

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