Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can't take my eyes off of you...

I've been experiencing a lot of "lasts" lately. last time going to my internship. last time rushing to catch the 1 and then the 2 or 3. Last time riding the 7 during rush hour. last time having to swipe my ID card. & on Saturday night, I saw my last broadway show. Jersey Boys.

I grew up on Oldies radio KEARTH 101, so naturally I'm a fan of Frankie Valli & The four seasons. They happen to be the group behind my favorite love song. & The fact that they have a musical about their start, brilliant. Brilliant as the cute little English couple we sat with on the front row would say. Rachel & I were both given departing kisses. Um, I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know the Four Seasons sang the original version of this song. I only liked to chorus anyways so, I guess I'm sticking to their version from now on...

Lasts make me sad.

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